Drinking coffee protects from liver cancer

The study showed that coffee gives malignant cells to divide and spread. It is proved that this drink may reduce the risk of this tumor by as much as 50%.

Употребление кофе защищает от рака печени

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast in Ireland have found that a Cup of coffee in the morning brings additional benefits beyond combating sleepiness. So, fans of this drink the risk of developing the most common form of liver cancer is reduced by half. Coffee contains polyphenols, which do not allow the cancer cells to divide. Its findings of Irish scientists have made based on observations over almost half a million people, of which more than three quarters regularly consumed this drink.

It turned out that later they are 50% less experienced hepatocellular carcinoma, which accounts for 90% of tumors of the liver. Consequently, coffee has a protective effect against one of the most insidious tumors. It is due to the combination of caffeine and antioxidants. However, the researchers emphasize that coffee drinking does not give such a powerful protective effect against liver cancer, like quitting Smoking, reducing weight and reducing alcohol in the diet.

The study involved adults with a University education who had used alcohol. The greatest prevalence of coffee was observed among the representatives of the stronger sex. Indeed, drinking coffee protected from liver cancer, but much more pronounced effect in this regard was given to avoiding alcohol, Smoking and fighting obesity.