Drinking methanol and cow urine: hundreds of people have died because of misinformation about COVID-19

In the first three months 2020 at least 800 people died because of misinformation regarding Covid-19, according to a new study published in the American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, writes the BBC.

Пили метанол и коровью мочу: сотни людей погибли из-за дезинформации о COVID-19

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About 5,800 people were hospitalized because of false information they receive on social networks.

A significant number of deaths occurred as a result of the fact that people used the methanol and other products containing alcohol.

Sacrifice, say the authors of the study mistakenly believed that these tools help in the fight against Covid-19.

Many of the victims followed the tips that reminded reliable medical information, but actually was about.

Some of them, for example, eating large amounts of garlic, believing that this will protect them from infection, others have used cow urine.

All of these actions, the researchers say, had “potentially serious implications for their health.”

The world health organization has previously stated that “infodome”, that is, the proliferation of fakes around Covid-19, spreads as quickly as the coronavirus.


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