Driver leaserevenue machine game NHL half a defended gate “Carolina” (video)

Водитель ледозаливочный машины в матче НХЛ полтора периода защищал ворота "Каролины" (видео)

David Ayres

In the course of the regular championship of NHL in Toronto the local “maple leafs” took “Carolina Hurricanes”.

The match ended with an away win 6:3.

During the meeting happened rare in the history of the League if one of the teams, namely, Carolina has lost just two goalkeepers.

James Reimer played the first 6 minutes and then 25 minutes is up Petr Mrazek. The score was 3:1 in favor of the visitors, when after a canadian was injured and Czech – and “Hurricanes” remained without the goalkeeper.

According to the tournament rules the team can use an emergency goalkeeper, who may play for any club, if you need help. He was 42-year-old David Ayres, local driver levosalbutamol machine sports arena.

Ayres plays for farm-club “maple leafs” – “Toronto marlis”.

It all started for fans sad: the two goals conceded after the first three throws.

However, having coped with excitement, he described the 7 of 7 shots in the third period, and helped “Hurricanes” to win the match.

Dave was named the No. 1 star of the match, and the arena in Toronto, despite the defeat of his team escorted him loud applause. Then temporary teammates gave him congratulations in the locker room.

According to NHL rules, Aires earned $ 500. for the match.

Let us add that the last club, which used the services of an emergency goalkeeper, was Chicago in 2016. 36-year-old accountant Scott foster from the experience of playing for the University team, made 7 saves in the match with “Winnipeg”, never misses, and “Blackhawks” won 6:2.