Drivers warned about the rise in price of fuel

In the third week of may, the decline in fuel prices has stopped. In some regions prices have not changed, and in other regions slightly went up, from 1 liter to 10-14 kopecks./l.

It is reported Today, reports “Hvil”.

Водителей предупредили о подорожании топлива

The price of LPG started to rise, and as quickly as it became cheaper.

According to analysts, over the period in the cost of fuel associated with low cost oil, and now the prices will only rise. Especially since the oil price began to stabilize and gradually regaining pricing position.

The difference between the lowest and highest prices, depending on the region decreased for all the fuels. This is especially noticeable on LPG, where the difference was reduced three times — from 14% to 4.6%.


  • A-95 — 12,2%, (of 2.51 UAH /l, — 4 kopecks./l) was 12.4%;
  • A-92 — the range of prices was 13.7% (of 2.68 UAH /liter to 4 liter), was 13.9 per cent;
  • For gas and 4.6% (44 kopecks./l — 74 kopecks./l) was 14%;
  • Diesel fuel and 11.7% (2,35 UAH /liter, to 1 liter), was 11.8%.

The price of gasoline in Ukraine:

— Average cost of 21.85 UAH/liter (+ 2 liter);

— The high price — in the Luhansk region — UAH net loss of 23.14/l (no change);

— Lowest price in Sumy region 20,63 UAH/liter (+ 4 kopecks./l).