Drugs, cell phones and hacksaw blades seized at Donnacona Penitentiary

Drugs, cellphones and hacksaw blades seized from Donnacona Penitentiary


A package containing, among other things, narcotics and hacksaw blades were seized on Sunday at the Donnacona penitentiary, near Quebec City.

The vigilance of the personnel was helped prevent these items from entering the prison population.

The package contained approximately 100 grams of marijuana, 90 grams of cannabis wax, 48 grams of tobacco, two saw blades metals, a cell phone, six SIM cards, nine wires and three cell phone charging pads.

These items are worth over $50,000 inside the penitentiary walls.

The Prison Establishment of Donnacona is a maximum security penitentiary located about forty kilometers from Quebec City and which accommodates approximately 450 inmates.