Drugs heartburn: 5 side effects abuse

Means of heartburn or antacid drugs have the same mechanism of action, constitute in the stomach and esophagus protective film. The composition may be different, but a key component is the calcium, aluminum, magnesium. Professor of medicine Robert Glatter explains why they can cause harm – from constipation to breathing problems.

Препараты от изжоги: 5 побочных эффектов злоупотребления

Constipation or diarrhea

“Constipation is common in the application of antacid drugs – it’s all about calcium. On the other hand they can give the opposite effect in the form of diarrhea – this sin funds with a large amount of magnesium in the composition,” says Robert Glatter.

Muscle cramps

Any interference in the balance of electrolytes in the body (and acid remedies do just that), affects the functioning of muscles and nerves. Drugs containing calcium, magnesium or phosphorus can cause pain and twitching in the muscles.

Shortness of breath

This is a symptom of overdose of these funds. Too high blood sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate raises the PH, which leads to slow breath, feeling of fatigue.

The risk of infection

Stomach acid not only digests food, but also protects the digestive tract from bacteria. Its neutralization will leave us without protection. Possible outcome: gastroenteritis or diarrhea.

Kidney stones

Antacid drugs can cause kidney stones are crystals that form in the kidneys or urinary tract. They lead to severe pain in side and stomach, but also to the penetration of blood into the urine.