Drunk driving: their children broke on a scooter

Drunk driving: their children broke on scooters


Devastated parents deliver strong anti-drunk driving plea after a possibly intoxicated woman killed a 15-year-old and seriously injured another while mowing down a scooter this weekend .

“Dude, that was it for me,” coward Julie Ménard in a trembling voice. I do not have anything. I don't even know what I'm going to do to get there without him.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, she thought it was her son, Jonathan Jerome, who was knocking on the door of her house in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. 

Ms. Ménard instead welcomed the police, who came to tell her what she feared the most.

Jonathan was returning from a party aboard his scooter with Samy Bouchard as a passenger on Chemin Sainte-Thérèse, in Carignan, in Montérégie, around 8:40 p.m., Saturday evening.

Jonathan Jerome died at the scene.

Rescued by his friend

The two friends were probably motionless at a temporary traffic light, in a work zone, when a 33-year-old driver hit them hard.

Recovering from serious injuries, Samy Bouchard was in a coma earlier this week.

Jonathan was pronounced dead at the scene. As for Samy, he suffered major injuries, including open fractures to the femurs. 

“It was his friend's body that saved him”, summarizes his father, Sylvain Bouchard.

Samy Bouchard was possibly protected by the driver of the scooter during the impact.

The one who will blow out his 16 candles in a month was still in an artificial coma on Tuesday, but was able to breathe on his own.

Alcohol and speed

For the time being, the Richelieu–Saint-Laurent Intermunicipal Police Board is cautious about the exact causes of the tragedy.

“Speed ​​and alcohol remain among the hypotheses [among ] others. […] They [are] still [the subject of] an investigation and [are] likely to explain the accident, ”said spokesperson Jean-Luc Tremblay.

Such an explanation engenders a painful cocktail of emotions in the parents of the victims. 

“It's terrible to know that my guy would have done everything right [on the road], advance, helpless , Julie Menard. I was just afraid that something like this would happen.

“I hope this person [the driver] will pay and that she does not get a ridiculous sentence for what she did. She ruined my life. »



Sylvain Bouchard, for his part, felt a certain “rage” when he learned of the circumstances of the accident. 

The forties will also have the difficult task of announcing the death of Jonathan to Samy. “He was his best friend. He was like his brother, and for me, a son, he laments. Everyone can see the impact it can have […], one drink too many. »

No arrests have been made for the moment, the Richelieu-Saint-Laurent Intermunicipal Police Board said on Tuesday.

Sad twist of fate, a flagman driver was fatally hit on Wednesday afternoon, exactly in the same place where the scooter on which the two teenagers were riding was hit.

– With Frédérique Giguère

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