Drunk Lady Gaga, sitting in the car, missed and fell on the sidewalk (video)

Пьяная Леди Гага, усаживаясь в машину, промахнулась и упала на тротуар (видео)

The network got a video of the embarrassment that occurred with the American singer Lady Gaga. The clip, filmed in Los Angeles, was published by TMZ. It shows Lady Gaga unsteadily heading to the car. She pushes away the hand of the assistant and tries to open the car door, but suddenly falls on the sidewalk.

Behind the scenes shouting: “are You okay?”, “Oh God!”. However, the 37-year-old pop star with the help of the assistants rises and radiant smile for the cameras.

Netizens speculated that the singer was drunk. However, others believe that all the fault of sunglasses that Lady Gaga some reason put in the night. They called disorientation.

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