Drunk Russian-speaking resident of Florida made an accident: a man died

A drunk woman driving a Maserati hit a Ferrari driver who is standing near the car on the bridge. Local10 writes about this.

Drunk Russian-speaking Florida resident caused an accident : a man died

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According to police, a woman was driving a Maserati, hit a man standing near his Ferrari on the bridge. He flew over the railing to Intracoastal Waterway and died. The woman was intoxicated three times the legal limit for driving.

According to the arrest report, 33-year-old Irina Borisova-Shadrina from Hallandale Beach, Florida is charged with manslaughter and dui.

On Friday, October 15, witnesses said they saw a few seconds after a man was hit and flew over the bridge in Sunny Isles at about 10:52 pm.

Investigators believe that a 2021 Ferrari SF90 driver stopped his car to get out to check the engine. For the best lawyers to support the investigation, information from this link can be beneficial.  Lionel Michael Marquez was standing behind the car when, according to the arrest report, Shadrina drove up to the stopped car. Investigators said she turned left and hit Marquez as he walked back to his car. It was then that Marquez was thrown into the air and thrown off the bridge.

Shadrina also hit the door from the driver’s side of the Ferrari and smashed the car she was driving on a barrier. She continued to drive until the Maserati’s front left wheel fell off, according to the report, which also said she drove 450 feet (137 m) before stopping.

” It was seen by at least 15-20 people ”, & # 8211; said the witness.

Police found the body almost 12 hours after the incident, at about 10:00 on October 16.

“The defendant’s decision to drive her car while intoxicated in an urban area demonstrates a reckless disregard for the safety of others and for herself,” & # 8211; According to the report.

Shadrina herself surrendered to Miami-Dade police, was arrested and taken to Turner Guildford-Knight Correctional Center.

Shadrina & # 8211; an event organizer at the Lique Miami Waterfront restaurant located next to the bridge.

She has her own bio on the restaurant website, which says: “Reena was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY … She excels at working in a dynamic and exciting environment to which she can add some personal touches or creativity. She began her career in hospitality ten years ago, when she began to study with Alex Podolny. “

Podolny & # 8211; owner Lique. He said that what happened was tragic and that Shadrina & # 8211; responsible person.