Dua Lipa showed his passion with Anwar Hadid on the red carpet

Dua Lipa absolutely did not hesitate to arrange a personal date right on the show American Music Awards 2019 . She and her friend Anwar Hadid, appeared at the awards ceremony American Music Awards 2019 as a couple and in every way showed others how hot the fire of their relationship. This show was the first official visit of these stars as a couple.

Дуа Липа показала свою страсть с Анваром Хадидом на красной дорожке

24-year-old Dua Lipa could not remain silent about your man 20 – year-old Anwar Hadid, and the fact of the matter is talked about very flattering things on the awards ceremony American Music Awards, 2019 November 24. “I have a date, and this is my boyfriend,” said Dua for Entertainment Tonight at the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles. Fans loved her new boyfriend, and they were looking forward to their release after in July appeared the first rumors about them Dating! Dua even asked a rhetorical question to a reporter: “It’s so beautiful, right?”. Well isn’t that cute?! Anwar shares genes Yolanda, Gigi and Bella, so this question is not required.

Meanwhile, Anwar has shown his affection for Dua without ceasing to kiss her. The pair passionately kissed each other on the red carpet, absolutely not ashamed of the eyes of journalists and other stars! Their feelings are obvious and these two do look good together. Dua looked like a pop Princess in hot pink satin dress with black suede bow accentuates her waist, while Anwar was wearing a black fitted jacket with a t-shirt from Iron Maiden, and black jeans. Their outfits were interestingly complementary images of each other.

Later, Dua was changed outfits in a bright red bodysuit to perform her new track “Don’t Start Now” at the venue of the awards! Anwar played cheerleader from the side and even captured an amazing performance of his girlfriend for their history in Instagram.

Couple Dua and Anwar, in fact, already appeared together at a social event earlier. In September they were together at New York Fashion Week. But then the passion was much smaller than this time. The press suspected a romance between the stars in July of last year, when the paparazzi photographed as they kissed for the first time in British summer Hyde Park in London.