Due to the high cost of salt for roads was replaced with a hydrochloric solution (PHOTO)

Из-за высокой стоимости соль для дорог заменили соляным раствором (ФОТО)

The great salt crisis 2018-2019 left behind, but at the same time, appearing in stock, rock salt became cheaper.

The municipalities are prepared for worst case scenarios, for example, Waterloo has allocated half a million dollars more just for salt in the next financial year.

Earlier the price was $55 per ton, $70 – if you order in prednisone, and $80 – if you order during the season. Now, the cheapest option costs $111 per ton, and the most expensive – $165.

According to experts, it’s all about last year’s crisis, which has forced prices to grow strongly.

This year many companies decided to switch to saline, since it is cheaper and safer for the environment. For example, in Scarborough the company Reliable Premium Care Landscapes spent $250,000 on a spraying solution.

The solution consists of salted water mixed in the tank, which is similar to a huge hot tub. That is, it uses much less salt (about 50%), which is better for the environment, and are not as harmful to plants.