Duhaime finds it 'curious' to be asked about his finances

Duhaime finds it


MONTREAL – Fed up with being asked questions about his taxes and his assets, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, asks if he will have to “get naked” to close the debate.

“I could take my clothes off,” he replied when asked if he was going to reveal all of his tax documents to dispel all the questions about the management of his assets.

The Conservative leader says he does not understand why he is being questioned day after day on this subject.

“It makes me feel weird to be told that we have a transparency problem. We have a government that gave out $17 billion in contracts without a call for tenders. There are studies on the third link that he does not want to file. And it is we who would have a problem of transparency? he was indignant.

“The three buildings I own, we sent the municipal assessment. We gave the exact amounts that I have as a mortgage on these buildings, and the amount of my other assets. This is my heritage,” he added.

Éric Duhaime also complains of being the only chef to whom these questions are asked. However, the “Journal” asked all party leaders to reveal their assets, and they all did. The leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, is the only one to have provided his financial statements signed by a chartered accountant.

The others were content to send a list of their assets. Of all the information we have received, the Conservative leader's contains the fewest details.


Called once again to clarify the nature of his agreement with his tenant, who was responsible for paying the taxes on one of the buildings he owns, Éric Duhaime reiterated that he would simply have wanted to help a friend in need. , as the “Journal” reported on Tuesday morning.

Because of his friend's precarious financial situation, Éric Duhaime agreed with him not to pay rent, but to assume responsibility for paying municipal and school taxes, which he allegedly failed to pay. TO DO. It was ultimately the Conservative leader who settled the bill, after it was revealed that he owed more than $14,000 to the City of Quebec, so much so that the municipality threatened to seize the buildings he owns.

Recall that Éric Duhaime received at least 14 notices of non-payment of his municipal taxes in Quebec, and that he was dragged into court and subject to a seizure by a bailiff for unpaid school taxes.

On the radio Tuesday morning, he maintained that he had never signed a notice received by registered mail, and insinuated that he had not been in contact with a bailiff, claiming that it may be his tenant who had received them.

Éric Duhaime admitted that he had been negligent. “I should have made sure he paid the taxes,” he said on FM98.5.

To prevent this story from getting bigger, should he have cleared things up from the start?

“In an ideal world yes, agreed Éric Duhaime, but I did not want to put [the tenant] in an embarrassing situation. He himself chose to speak. I would never have forced him to reveal the nature of his financial situation. It's not in the public interest, and he doesn't deserve it. He chose to go ahead himself, and I thank him for that.”

Duhaime must answer, believes GND

For the spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Éric Duhaime must answer questions, given the multiplication of delays in his payments of taxes and public accounts. “I think Mr. Duhaime has to explain himself,” said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. There is a limit to telling all kinds of stories to justify these problems. “

As for the explanation of Mr. Duhaime, who says he wanted to help a friend, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois launched: “I also have friends and I like to help them, but here I think it's starting to do a lot”.

– With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose