Duhaime insinuates that the information on his taxes may have been “leaked” by the City of Quebec

Duhaime is insinuating that his tax information may have been misrepresented. “sunk” by the City of Quebec


QUEBEC | Éric Duhaime implied Monday morning that the information about his municipal taxes which had not been paid for two years may have been “leaked”. However, this is information that was public and easily accessible on the Ville de Québec website.

When a Radio X reporter asked him if he thought the revelations about his municipal taxes in Le Journal– a few days after having fought with the mayor Bruno Marchand, last September 7 – be a coincidence, Éric Duhaime suggested that “confidential information” had perhaps been transmitted to the media.    

“It's an excellent question all the same; was this information public or not? I cannot answer that question. Who leaked this information? I can even less answer you,” he said. 

“If it was confidential information, yes, you have to ask who the crime is for.” 

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    < p>Asked to clarify what confidential information he was referring to, the Conservative leader replied that he “did not speak of confidential information”, and that he simply wonders how the media had access to information on his municipal taxes. “How did they get access to it, I don't know.”

    The answer to this question is simple. This is information made public in a decision-making summary of the City of Quebec, on September 8, the day after Éric Duhaime's exit against the tramway. However, this document had been approved the previous day at 10 a.m. by the City's Executive Committee, one hour before Éric Duhaime's press briefing.  

    What's more, the decision-making process which led to the production of this summary began on August 4th. Note that the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec was far from the only person on the list of buildings that could be put up for sale for non-payment of municipal taxes. The list is 68 pages.  

    Our Bureau of Investigation revealed on Saturday that Mr. Duhaime was threatened with seizure for an account of unpaid municipal taxes of $14,000 on two residential buildings that he owns in Quebec. He owed $12,363 on one of the buildings, the one he rented, and $1,848 on the other, which he lives in himself. 

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