Duhaime promises tax credit on gym memberships

Duhaime promises tax credit on gym memberships


QUEBEC | Éric Duhaime continues to woo athletes. The Conservatives are committed to giving a tax credit of $500 for gym subscribers, and to eliminating the QST on all expenses related to physical activity.

Éric Duhaime made the announcement on Monday in a gym in Quebec City, back in the Capitale-Nationale after a few days' excursion in the metropolitan area. 

This commitment is in addition to the “preventive health policy” presented by the Conservative leader on August 22. In particular, he wants to force all children to do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day, from kindergarten to the end of high school.  

Éric Duhaime did crossfit in a gym in Quebec City on Monday , September 5, 2022.

The Conservatives would also allow doctors to prescribe physical activity to their patients, and they would create national sports teams to encourage young people to play sports.&nbsp ;

Athletes are in the crosshairs of Éric Duhaime's party. The PCQ released a video showing their leader jogging up stairs with boxer Éric Martel Bahoeli, and another in which Mr. Duhaime trains with Georges St-Pierre. Hockey player Jonathan Marchessault and football player Arnaud Gascon-Nadon also publicly supported the PCQ.   

In an interview with Journal< /em>, Éric Duhaime also admitted having targeted gym customers, whom he sees as potential voters.  

More details to come…