Dumplings and khachapuri: as residents of Las Vegas fell in love with ‘our’ dishes

Nina Manchev, a native of Las Vegas (NV) and Bulgarian by origin, opened in the city European restaurant 10 years ago. When in mid-March, authorities have closed all public catering establishments because of the quarantine, the woman did not immediately understand how to rebuild the business, because its main part is communication. But in the end, she found a creative outlet, which is discussed in the video “voice of America”.

Вареники и хачапури: как жители Лас-Вегаса полюбили 'наши' блюда

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“The transition from regular work to work on the delivery was difficult, especially when they changed the rules by which we can work: hours of work, as we can deliver. In addition, I sought ways to maintain contact with their customers,” says Nina .

The owner of the restaurant for a long time thought about the lessons on food preparation, and quarantine it pushed to this.

“I wanted to start to give lessons and see whether they are people, just to continue to interact with customers and let them know that we are still working, prepare food to take away, says Manchev. — My girlfriend has a platform where she sells flowers at different exclusive events, where I organized the whole event with a ticket — people are buying packs, buy the recipes and Sunday together we prepare”.

Вареники и хачапури: как жители Лас-Вегаса полюбили 'наши' блюда

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

“The first time I sold 8 tickets, and the latter about 150. People like it, I think I now see even more people than before. They come every Saturday to pick up their food packages,” says Nina.

Almost all the dishes, the preparation of which teaches the Manchev, refer to Eastern European cuisine and is also represented in the restaurant menu.

“Eastern European cuisine is very home. Many dishes, especially those that we are preparing, give the feeling of happiness and comfort,” says Nina.

The Manchev said that dumplings is one of the most popular dishes among its customers.

Вареники и хачапури: как жители Лас-Вегаса полюбили 'наши' блюда

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

“We conducted a survey — stuffed peppers or dumplings? And almost 100% wanted the dumplings. One of my friends, he is also a chef, has written that during the quarantine people don’t want pepper, they want potatoes,” says Nina.

Another dish that caused a stir among customers Nina — Georgian khachapuri.

“Khachapuri just all amazed. Many asked to repeat the lesson, they don’t want to buy ready-made. In General, it is best to go khachapuri dumplings and dumplings,” says Nina.

Вареники и хачапури: как жители Лас-Вегаса полюбили 'наши' блюда

A screenshot from the video “Voices of America”

Now when the restaurant opens, customers who participated in training, will have a new understanding of East European cuisine.

“Many customers, when they come to my restaurant and read the menu, do not understand what this dish. I think it’s a very good way for them to know the dishes and their preparations. And I think that now, when they return to the restaurant, they will know more,” says Nina.

With the weakening of the quarantine, the restaurant is open in restricted mode and will only work with the most popular dishes. But for those who want to learn to cook at home, Nina will continue to conduct master classes.