During a pandemic has increased the number of Americans wanting to have a gun

According to a report by the Brookings institution, during a pandemic, the number of permits for the use of weapons increased liberal States. This writes Fox Business.

Во время пандемии возросло число американцев, желающих иметь оружие

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The Institute analyzed data from Gallup and found a decrease in communication between people with conservative views and statements on the permit for weapons in the period from February to April 2020, but saw a positive correlation between the permits and liberal-minded States in the same period of time.

“Despite the fact that the possession of arms is often mentioned as one of the urgent problems that divide US, COVID-19 seems to change the direction of the discussion. Although States with population that predominantly identificeret themselves as conservative are more likely to purchase AR-15 magazines, this does not mean that the procurement of arms is most increased in these States during a pandemic, the report says. — Most have increased the number of permits for weapons during a pandemic COVID-19 in the States that are generally more liberal, both from the point of view of civil ideology, and affiliation of Governor political party”.

The report further describes how four of the 10 States with the largest increase in the number of arms licenses were Maine, Rhode island, new Hampshire and Vermont, which are considered liberal States States.

Rhode island topped the list in terms of a growth in the number of permits, there was almost a 400% increase in the number of licences from February to April 2020. And, according to the report, in Maine, where the number of the liberal population is around 35%, in applications for the issuance of permits, the rise of over 300%.

More than 2.5 million Americans for the first time became the owners of the weapons in the first half of 2020, announced the national shooting sports Foundation.

Nationally, sales of weapons have risen sharply over the past three months, and in may was a record sales growth of 80.2% compared to the year 2019. April data showed an increase of 71.3% compared to the year 2019, and in March, an increase of 85.3%, according to information previously published Small Arms and Forecasting Analytics.

Smith & Wesson has announced that its net sales jumped by 32.9%. The company said it saw a “sudden increase in consumer demand” and prepares to maintain a high demand.

“In addition, our internal reserves allowed us to meet sudden increases in customer demand for our firearms in this quarter,” the company said.