During the protest on Bloor Viaduct had been arrested a few people (PHOTO)

Во время акции протеста на Bloor Viaduct было арестовано несколько человек (ФОТО)

Police neudavshayasya to protest against climate change, which blocked the Bloor Viaduct all morning, was taken into custody several activists.

Trying to draw public attention to the climate crisis, the protesters did not allow the cars to move on the bridge.

The activists approached the “operation” very responsibly around 8 am blocking traffic with the East, at Broadview Avenue, and on Castle Frank Road, with the West.

The organizers have not announced how long they plan to block the bridge, but around noon the police, who apparently thought that time has passed considerably, beginning to arrest individual protesters, hoping that others will disperse and release the roadway.

“We have this Charter right to assemble in public places. Police, we understand that it is their job to maintain order, we have no hard feelings (against) him. That is, the government would rather arrest people than take real action in the fight against climate change,” said one protester journalists CP24 on Monday afternoon.

“They received orders to open the bridge. More important to keep the routine than our protest and the protection of future generations.”

The protesters, who are a branch of group Extinction Rebellion, said that they decided to take the bridge within the broader movement that is happening worldwide.