During the race at the biathlon world Championships on the firing line for target came out people (photo)

Во время гонки на чемпионате мира по биатлону на огневой рубеж за мишенями вышел человек (фото)

During the women’s individual race at the biathlon world Cup in Italian Antholz happened a terrible incident.

At a time when few women were on the firing line, on the hill behind the range, violating safety rules, a man came out. Fortunately he was not injured, according to NRK.

“I was just about to shoot when it happened. Of course, we are hardly going to shoot so much higher purpose but still it shouldn’t be. I hope that there is a sign forbidding passage,” said Norwegian biathlete Ingrid landmark Tandrevold.

“This is not good. There are rules of conduct at the facility. In this area, there should be nobody. It is very dangerous. This man could suffer. Imagine how we would feel athlete? That would be terrible,” says Ingrid of Norway coach Siegfried Mazet.

Recall, individual race at 10 km with four firing lines has won Italy’s Dorothea Wierer.