During the struggle with addiction Eminem sought help to Elton John

Faced with addiction Eminem was turned to Elton John. In 2007, the famous rap artist was in the hospital in serious condition, and the reason for this was an overdose.

Во время борьбы с наркозависимостью Эминем обращался за помощью к Элтону Джону

Information about the struggle rapper with addiction to illegal drugs is contained within the pages of his biography “Not afraid: the Evolution of Eminem”. After the overdose artist in and out of rehab, but repeatedly frustrated. In the end, he decided to ask for help from British celebrity Elton John. In recent past also faced with this problem, but by the time requests from colleagues refrained from drinking for 30 years.

Eminem and John talked every week, that is subsequently contributed to the formation between them of friendship. In the end, the rapper also managed to get rid of addictions, from which he almost died.