During the “Tanzu s with a stars” has lost 5 pounds and returned to the old form, — Lyudmila Barbir

За время «Танців з зірками» похудела на 5 килограммов и вернула прежнюю форму, — Людмила Барбир

Withdrawal from the project “Dances with stars h” (“1+1”)the presenter’s office, Barbir and Dzmitry Zhuk was a real shock for fans of the dance show. Nine esters leading the project “snidanok z “1+1” remained a favourite of the audience and the judges, who predicted her and Dmitry in the final.

— Luda was struck with a crazy performance, — confessed Dmitry Zhuk, telling how after morning broadcasts his partner went to the rehearsal room and held there for ten hours.

A couple of Barbir Lyudmila and Dmitry Beetle called the most technical, but People — who has a black belt in martial arts — the sexiest member of the project. The audience demanded the return of this pair to the floor. Now, Barbir aches for the rest of the show, calling them all his large family.

“Haven’t slept more than three hours a day”

— Luda, many viewers were just shocked when you left the show.

— I admit, I did not expect. Judge every broadcast we predicted the finals and fight for the main Cup. I actually never was in the risk zone! The audience has always supported us. And then suddenly we leave the show. Shock! But I am grateful to all the spectators who supported us with Dima and insisted that we returned to the show.

— Would like to return?

— No, but I regret that Dima never danced something dreamed about since the first broadcast, tango, Rumba and hip-hop.

But no hard feelings? Say, judges?

No. I confess, nothing to regret. Just put an end to my participation in the project. The next morning after our Dima Beetle pair left the show, I already had “Breakfast”. I do switch fairly quickly. For the last time, had some rest, went home to visit my mom and sister. During the project the house appeared deep in the night, and at four in the morning I had to go on live morning show.

За время «Танців з зірками» похудела на 5 килограммов и вернула прежнюю форму, — Людмила БарбирEach dance couple’s office, Barbir and Dmitry Beetle turned into a little play.

— What helped you to endure such a difficult schedule?

I knew that I would be in a constant state of sleep deprivation and serious physical activity, therefore has addressed to the endocrinologist. Made tests. Everything was good except that my body was lacking iron and had a small problem with the hemoglobin level. I put two droppers in a week to nourish the body. In General, before the start of the live broadcasts, I was ready for anything.

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— Did you have a special diet?

— Corrected your diet with a nutritionist. I had five meals a day, avoid any products containing gluten. Feel comfortable, it was easy to stick to such a regime. When it’s too “dried” her body, I began to say that it would be necessary to get better. And I began to afford a little more sweet, sometimes even a muffin or a pizza. But all this was simply burned by the body.

— How much weight you dropped?

Before I was invited to a project, I lost five pounds. During the show dropped another five. But I must confess I didn’t follow weight. I was feeling great. We can say that returned to his old form.

“In a sexual way I’ve ever seen, and it was a revelation”

Say, on your arrival in dance project was influenced by participation in the second season Ruslan Senichkin?

— When he was still the first season and danced Natalia Mogilevskaya, on a show where I was backstage. Saw how worried the participants. Thought then that I never wanted to be in their place! But last season I went on air to support Ruslan, and, I think, just to stick with the project. Ruslan kept talking: “You should be dancing! You can do it, you have talent!” In General, so I was brainwashed that, when I received the offer to become a participant in the third season, I immediately agreed.

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— Your pair with Dmitry Beetle called the sexiest. The first room on the floor where you stood in a seductive manner, literally blew up the Internet!

— Initially, we with Dima had planned to dance the tango. Even started to rehearse, but then decided to choose the contemp. Invited Directors, who did what viewers saw on the floor. We were thinking that he was right, after all, is not yet fully estanzuelas, but in the end the calculation was correct.

— It was a complete mismatch with your modest leading morning broadcast.

— I admit, I was worried. Of course, I had a goal to impress the audience and judges, and to do something unexpected. All used to seeing me restrained, wise, family…

— And really?

— It is, but every woman has another side — a delicate, sexy, explosive. Any, I’m sure a lot of different forms. Just not to forget them and always remember that you’re a woman. I understand that in a sexual way I’ve ever seen. Do not trust stereotypes.

— Don’t forget during the dance with Mr Cat you did a crazy stunt: an incredible way bent, slid to the floor from a high table.

Actually Zhenya absolutely did not practice that support. It was the air, when couples were exchanging partners, but until that time, Dima Zhuk already worked through all sorts of complicated elements. In front of the room from the movie “pulp fiction,” I told Dima that I want to try to make a cool support. My physical training allows it.

So by the time the dance with the Cat I was capable of much. And listed that can do the splits, stand on his hands, make the wheel. And then his Wife came up with the idea, “can from a standing position across the bridge to slide down?” During the rehearsal our table was wobbly, the choreographer was holding his hands. His wife should have been on the edge of the table, holding my hand, and was not excluded that the table can roll.

— Were you scared?

— Absolutely not. I was insured on the first attempt, and the support is quite fast. Probably the most complex support was when we danced the Paso Doble. Dima “squeezed” me at arm’s length. I had to jump up, align the leg, and due to this “lever” he raised me. The main thing — time to straighten the leg. And now we are starting to do support, and I understand that my heel tangled in the dress, made of thick velvet. It was literally a fraction of a second. In-flight understand that Dima evens out my arm, and I cannot fully straighten the leg. Then I broke through the bottom of the dress heels, and we still do support. This moment I will remember for a long time!

“We are starting to do support, and I understand that my heel tangled in the dress”

— Costume parties — the special pride of the stylists of the project.

They really are beautiful. For me the most difficult was a white suit for freestyle. At rehearsals, I danced without this outfit and everything was perfect. And as soon as she got dressed on the run, I realized that I just can’t move! The top was like a shirt of pearls, and the sleeves sewed a long strand of beads. I started dancing elements of hip-hop, where a lot of movements with his hands, and the beads were literally hitting me in the face. The costume is so much flashed before my eyes, making a sharp turn, I lost orientation — it was not clear where the cameras are, where the judges.

We stopped the run and began to decide what to do. As a result came to the conclusion that the threads on the sleeves will have to be removed. But the stylist said that in the frame it looks incredibly beautiful. Then I decided to try to dance again and literally “won” the suit. For the sake of beautiful pictures, we left all the beauty. In the frame of our freestyle was very impressive, though no one knew how hard it was for me to dance.

За время «Танців з зірками» похудела на 5 килограммов и вернула прежнюю форму, — Людмила БарбирLyudmila, a Barbir named the sexiest member of the project

— Your seven-year-old Taras was rooting for the mother?

He watched every broadcast, and was very surprised when I said that I will no longer participate in the show. Taras saw my act in the last air, went to bed and found out that our couple have left the project. I told him about it the next day. But he did not believe that I won’t get the Cup and won’t win “Tanzu s with a stars”. Everyone said, “I realized that you’re out, but in the end you’ll fight for the Cup?”

— Your life is back in a measured way?

— I will not say that it is orderly. Pass sample movie, doing sound, preparing for a new project. Of course, no crazy rehearsals, there was a little bit of free time. But instead of training him now is other things to do.

— Continue to monitor the esters of the project?

— Of course, last the air danced with my partner on the “Breakfast” Ruslan Senichkin. All of us participating in this season — keep in touch. It’s like a big family. So can’t even name some of their favorites — I love all the pairs. It’s hard for me to be objective, worried about everyone.

— What belt are you in martial arts?

— Black belt, first Dan in Aiki jujutsu. Now preparing to pass a black belt in Aikido. In martial arts I came from my own life. One day I was attacked, robbed, and I miraculously survived. After that I wanted to learn how to defend themselves. I decided that I wanted to do martial arts. In General, it all came together. Thank God, my ability is not yet useful.

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