Dusty Baker and the players seem nervous

Dusty Baker and players seem nervous


Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker is 0-2 in the World Series. As manager of the San Francisco Giants in 2002, he lost in seven games to the California Angels. It took almost two decades for Baker to make it to another World Series, this time with the Astros in 2021. The Houston roster lost to the Atlanta Braves in six games.

Dusty Baker sows doubt in my mind by the way he directs his pitchers. In the first game, he has Justin Verlander on the mound, the one who is a strong candidate to win the Cy-Young Trophy, awarded to the best pitcher in the American League.

To win a World Series, the focus is how a manager manages his starting pitchers and especially knowing when to remove them from the game to replace them with a reliever. The most important aspect in the case of a reliever is not to exceed the innings he throws in the regular season during his presence on the mound.

Back to the first game. His top pitcher, Justin Verlander, is struggling despite being given a five-point priority. Suddenly, the five-point lead crumbles to a two-point priority. It was a good time to take him out of the game, but Dusty Baker didn't and it cost the Astros the win.

The Phillies nearly came back late in Game 2, again due to the use of Astros relief pitchers. Dusty Baker asked his excellent right-handed reliever, Rafael Montero, to pitch 1.2 innings. 

It's not much, so remember the point I made to you earlier. Baker must use his relievers the same way as in the regular season. Montero has been used for more than one inning on just five occasions for a maximum of two innings on two occasions. In the postseason, it has already been twice that a Montero presence on the mound has exceeded an inning.

In Game 2, the tying run came at bat, however, Montero stopped the Phillies from scoring. Dusty Baker seemed very nervous and hesitant to me when it came time to make a decision.

The Astros are nervous

Astros rookie shortstop Jeremy Pena is having a lot of success batting, but he needs to calm down defensively. He nearly dropped a routine ball as he juggled the ball after it came out of his glove. In defense at the end of the second, he ran like a chicken without his head trying to catch a ball in the right infield, which he also caught, while the right fielder was under the ball . Even veteran first baseman known for his defensive excellence Yuli Gurriel erred on a ground ball to him. 

Come to think of it, Astros players are just as nervous than their manager.

Downfalling by five points in Game 1, the Phillies have always kept their cool. 

Dead calm for the Phillies

They came back slowly and surely, eventually winning in overtime. Tonight, they'll be fired up, as their raucous fans will welcome them to the point where it could rattle the Astros players, who will be reminded they cheated in their last World Series win.

For the stats buffs, here's a bonus for you: In the history of baseball since the playoffs were added, before the World Series, every team that hasn't suffered a loss to qualifying for the World Series never savored winning the World Series. This year, the Astros are the last undefeated team to qualify for the World Series.

Who will be right? The Astros or the stats?

Dusty Baker and the players seem nervous