Dwayne Johnson, sang a song from “discusses Moana’s” 3-year-old sick boy: “Because he’s a fighter”

Dwayne Johnson continues to please its fans. He recently shared a video in which he sang the song from the animated film “Moana”. Duane recorded this video for boy suffering from lymphoblastic leukemia.

Дуэйн Джонсон спел песню из «Моаны» 3-летнему больному мальчику: «Потому что он боец»

His treatment of Johnson was published in Instagram. The actor wrote that he dedicated the song “discusses Moana’s” 3-year-old Hiram Harris.

This little boy is one of the coolest kids, one of the most powerful, because he’s a fighter. Right now he is fighting for his life

— told Dwayne. The actor chose this song not by accident. According to him, Hyrum continuously reviews the animated film “Moana” because he loves the character of Maui, who was voiced by Johnson. It also makes a boy feel powerful.

Hyrum, I know that I’m a stranger that just sounds like your favorite hero Maui. But I, along with millions of other strangers who watch this video send you lots of love,

he said. The actor added that the strength of the will of Hiram inspires him. Duane also noted that people often tell him about the similarities with Maui, and he loves this hero.

The boy’s parents, April and rich Harris saw this video. They were sincerely impressed with the kindness of the actor.

This is such a touching moment for our family. It beautiful movie,

— said April. The mother of Hiram claims that the actor was spot on and wrote this appeal at the right time. The boy carefully watched and listened to the song Johnson. He smiled and even sang along to Dwayne. April admitted that he touched so many support and love.