Dynamo beat three antirecords of Ukrainian clubs at once in Eurocups

Previously, the” dynamists “of Kiev practically lost their prospects for the month of August, having lost” Barcelona “(0: 1) in the matches of the 4th round of the League of Champions.

A visit to the NSC “Olimpiyskiy” is dry seria kiyan at the Eurocup warehouse of 547 khilin, as a result of sport.ua, which is a new anti-record for Ukrainian clubs in Euroarens. The winners of the “dynamis” scored against the superniks of 21 fierce 2021, if in the 1/16 finale of the League of Europe they were welcomed at a visit to “Brugge” – 1: 0.

anti-record, go without goals in Lizia champions 390 hviliin pospil. Their number reached 29 years ago, the “blue-blue” turned out to be 3 khvilini.

Besides, “Dynamo” up to 20 matches (7 matches and 13 shots). Tsia seriya is a record not less for the kiyans themselves, but for all Ukrainian clubs. I will stay in vіktorіyu over the Spanish clubs “dynamіvtsі” svyatkuvali as early as 17 March 1999, since the quarter of the Champions League took the mountain in the middle of the walls over the “Real” – 2: 0, seemingly.