Dynamo made a statement in connection with the racist scandal on a match with “Shakhtar”

"Динамо" выступило с заявлением в связи с расистским скандалом на матче с "Шахтером"

Kiev “Dynamo” has acted with an official statement on the scandalous situation with rasimon that happened in the match of the 14th round of the Ukrainian championship “Shakhtar” (0:1).

In the released by the press service of “Dinamo” club communiqué does not acknowledge guilt of their fans, at least until a full investigation of the incident incident.

“Numerous mass media disseminated an official statement of management of the football clubs participating in the match, which categorically accused the fans of our team who allegedly made racist and xenophobic actions,” reads a statement on the official website of Dynamo.

“The football club “Dynamo” by their actions and deeds have repeatedly stressed loyalty to the principles of fair play, human values. Combating the negative manifestations of individuals is constant. The problem of intolerance is relevant not only for private clubs but also, unfortunately, present on most active fan sectors. It is worth noting the crucial role of domestic Association football, a struggle where football hooliganism comes to determining the size of fines. However, over the years has not initiated any events, meetings, dialogue with representatives of the fan environment, leaders of fan movements”, – underlined the press service of “Dynamo”.

“Sharing the concerns of our colleagues in Donetsk the compliance issues of human morality in sports arenas, we believe the hasty assertion of a predetermined fault of the fans, while an investigation into the circumstances of this case hasn’t even started yet.

Clarification of the facts of incident, role definition and possible guilt of its members is the exclusive prerogative of bodies of preliminary investigation. We look forward to the start of the investigation, ready to fully support it and, in the case of evidence of guilt, we will take all possible measures to further isolate these persons not only from football but from society. The expected publication of photos and video, which could shed light on all the circumstances of the incident,” reads the club.

We will remind, in the 75th minute of the match in one play, the referee signalled a foul from the captain of “miners” Tyson, what the player did not agree. It responded to the fans of the capital club and began to make sounds like monkeys screaming. Under “sight” ultras “Dynamo” came as compatriot taison, Dentinho.

In turn, Tyson kicked in the side of the fan stands the ball and showed the middle finger. The referee suspended the match and led the team off the field stands in the room, and after the game resumed, Tyson received a red card for his outburst against the stands.

Tyson left the field in tears.

At this point in the asset from leading the championship Shakhtar’s 40 points.

Dynamo scored 13 less points and shares 3rd place with the Chernigov “Desna”.