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"Динамо" оновило два клубні антирекорди за підсумками сезону і стало співавтором третього

Dynamo of vsuperech Progreso to ostannia tour Ukraïnskoï Prem courier-play “to Ear” (0:2), truncated well finished the championship in another f.

For pdsummary season “bilo-sin” ustanovili two clubs antirecord. 32 rounds of the championship the team conceded 35 m ACV. To tsogo record PDR the 2013/14 2016/17 ), if the team were missing for 33 m AC.

In addition, Dynamo also set record porezok for the season – nine ive.

As podolany scho “Shakhtar” setting a record at campionat Ukraine, piperidine najblizszego of supernice, how I became a Dynamo on 23 points.

Naperedodni, Oleksiy Mykhailychenko salishev the Posad head coach Kiyan.