Dynamo zdesya Perche transfer at Lucescu

"Динамо" здійснило перший трансфер при Луческу

Volodymyr Kostevich

Ukrainian footballer written “Lech” Volodymyr Kostevich Papisov poperedni the contract W “the Dynamo”, powdersit on itsyou sit kislogo club.

The contract s 27-rcnm Krynn zapisnikom of rozruchowego three rocky. Respectively to the rules FFA, please nebude cinnost s 1 January 2021 rock.

Kostevich can come to smo Wtlu Mikolenko, Yakima actively scalatest Zahn the club.

Naadam scho Kostevich , violance luvsick “Carpathians”. From 2017 year gravity apenisa in Campanet Polish.

Have a view from the past season on rahunku Kostevich 27 match for Lech have vsih turnah.