Dynamo’s indignation at the unscrupulous violation of the terms of the privacy policy on doping case Besedina

"Динамо" возмущено беспринципным нарушением условий конфиденциальности по допинговому делу Беседина

On the eve of the coordinator for the doping control of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF) Maxim Betsko revealed the details in the doping case of Artem Besedin.

In particular, Becca reported that the club doctor had offered the striker a prohibited drug phenylpiracetam instead of headache tablets.

The fact that confidential information has been made available to any interested person, has angered the capital club, which on its official website issued a communiqué.

“Coordinator for the doping control of the UAF Maxim Betsko violated the provisions of clause 22.05 anti-Doping regulations, UEFA, giving the media information about the details of a disciplinary procedure regarding possible violations Artem Usov Besedina anti-doping rules,” reads the statement of “Dynamo”.

“According to the rules of any national Association may not disclose information about the case before the official statement of UEFA, which may be published no earlier than 20 days after the enter into force the final decision.

Similar provisions are contained in article 14 of the WADA Code, which is binding on all national associations. Moreover, in the case that it is determined that the player has not committed anti-doping violations – UEFA may disclose information about the case only with the consent of the player.

Undoubtedly, the UAF and its employees, who possess any information on the progress and circumstances of the doping cases must adhere to the terms of confidentiality and be responsible for its violation.

I hope that Ukraine’s reputation will not suffer because of the incompetence of Maxim Becca who strangely decided to share confidential information with channel “Football 1” and the disciplinary bodies of the UAF will begin an internal investigation and will attract all those responsible to justice for committing a violation and disrespect to the UEFA regulations and WADA Code.

According to our information, employees of the UAF are interested in discredit of FC “Dynamo”, provided to reporters a confidential case file. We appeal to media who will have access to such information, demonstrate respect for UEFA and Artem Besedin or distribute the documents. Because in the future you and your media will be involved in the violation of the rules of UEFA and WADA”.

Recall, for violating anti-doping rules Besedin was suspended for a year. Punishment entered into force on 19 December last year.

Artem failed a doping test after the match of group round of the Europa League against Malmo (3:4).

Recall that in the case Besedin was dismissed the chief doctor of “Dynamo” Leonid Mironov.

This season, the striker managed to make 23 appearances for Dinamo in all competitions, 8 goals and give one assist.