DZIDZIO has experienced serious stress

The leader of the group DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma, he’s Jiji made the fans seriously worry for his life.

So, Jiji reported that during the flight from Vienna with his plane was unfortunate.

DZIDZIO пережил серьезный стресс

“Flew from Vienna and then after 15 minutes the commander of the plane announces that we have a problem with the plane. While circling over Vienna”, — the actor told fans in a photoblog.

Later the storis your Instagram Thomas reassured subscribers of information that the pilot still landed the plane in Vienna.

“We landed in Vienna. I’m sorry to have worried you, but the first time I’ve been through this, God forbid anyone. Thank you God! It turns out that the plane was not working pump which supplies fuel and thanks to the commander that he worked professionally and decided to come back,” said fans of Jiji.

The next day he and his team still managed to fly to Kiev in one piece.