DZIDZIO shared warm memories about his childhood

The artist also remembered, as in dashing 90-e bought the “faded denim jeans”.

DZIDZIO поделился теплыми воспоминаниями о своем детстве

Popular singer DZIDZIO in the image of the main character from the TV series “Dorogoi” graced the cover of the weekly “Telenedelya”.

In an interview DZIDZIO shared warm memories about his childhood in the ‘ 90s, drawing Parallels to his role in the series. Although for many, then, were difficult times, but the artist remembers them with romanticism. In the new Comedy Michael played the main character, who “froze” in the cryochamber 23 years ago and “woke up” in the modern time.

“I was not so many years, but I remember the 90s as a time when nothing was all I had to buy on the market, everything went to Poland for the goods. And remember the posters with famous musicians, artists and just beautiful girls, faded denim jeans, great sweaters with patterns, Polish TV channels, which showed very different movie and cartoons than we had”, — said Mikhail.

Talking about the filming of the series, the actor said that the most remembered scene with “defrost” your character.

“One of the most interesting moments from the shooting — as relatives find Mike in the basement of the house in such a cryochamber. Of course, the producers came up with it themselves, and I lay there all covered with ice. It was really cold and damp because we were shooting this scene in this basement. Good thing it was summer. In winter, these episodes would be given more difficult”, comments DZIDZIO.