DZIDZIO told about their preferences in lingerie

Popular artist DZIDZIO on the set of the show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show the night of December 31, frankly admitted, what kind of lingerie does not cause him the admiration and what advice he would give to girls when selecting brand-new panties. A favorite of millions, mega DZIDZIO told me that she had seen many beauties and he has nothing to compare.

DZIDZIO рассказал о предпочтениях в женском белье

Male from time to time performs with ballet and likes to watch the pretty girls in the locker room, and even can give valuable advice to girls in underwear choice.

“Well, these laces, I honestly don’t like because there’s a different ass, and it is not always suitable! I’ve been watching how they wear them and not see that it is not appropriate, and it is better to find other, more classic. There are pants that make the butt curve is not pretty – so I saw it. But as it is I don’t see her sometimes? Well, that’s their problem. Girls, before you wear panties, look in the mirror – uhhh!”, laughing, DZIDZIO has shared with journalists of the channel “Ukraine”.

But, despite the fact that the artist saw in life a lot of things, there were those moments that made him blush:

“I just see as change of a dancer but I’ve seen enough butts! Ogogo! I spoke not only with girls but also with girls that are Topless! So, I go to them, and they undressed and say, “Jiji, can we start the soundtrack?”, and I have saliva in my throat was, and I don’t know what to do, say, “Yes, I can.” Wow, I have seen enough then!” – shared DZIDZIO backstage Christmas show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”.