Dzidzo has determined the optimal amount of coffee for the day


The band DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma honestly, what drink he can become irritable and restless. This was the Ukrainian singer said on the set of a holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on 24 August at 20:00.

Дзидзьо определил оптимальное количество кофе на день

So, journalists of the TV channel “Ukraine” asked the singer if he loves coffee.

“Actually, I do not drink coffee so often. When absolutely no energy and felt tired, then in the morning you need something hot to drink – in this case, coffee saves. But I only drink Americano without milk, adding one spoonful of sugar,” he told Jiji.

However, Jiji warns that too much focus of coffee is not worth it.

“I noticed that if you drink 3 cups, I start nerves. So much coffee to drink it is not necessary”, – said the artist backstage of the show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”.

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