Dziki Trener spares no strong words for Maryla Rodowicz. “With Ms Maryla Rodowicz everything is more complicated”. What is it about

Dziki Trener did not leave a dry thread on Maryla Rodowicz.

 Dziki Trener spares no words at all about Maryla Rodowicz.

As the portal “Pomponik” reminds us, Maryla Rodowicz was one of those stars who complained about their difficult financial situation. The artist complained about financial problems more than once, which was a big surprise for many, especially since the singer still does not complain about the lack of professional offers that she uses. Dziki Trener decided to refer to the problems signaled by Maryla Rodowicz.

Maryla Rodowicz and her financial situation

Maryla Rodowicz has been complaining about her financial situation for some time. She even complained in one of the tabloids that her home budget was so modest that she could not afford to go on an exotic vacation. Such complaints certainly do not make the star sympathetic, especially when everyone has to struggle with inflation.

Maryla Rodowicz in an interview for “Super Express” complained that a luxurious vacation is a big expense especially when you want to take your children with you. “I would have to fly in business class, I do not have student health anymore. And yet I will not seat my children in the economy. They would have to fly in the same class as me. In addition, a hotel for so many people. It is a very high cost” – she added.

Dziki Trener took this statement from Maryla Rodowicz to the workshop, pointing out that the singer apparently considers an economy class flight to be a “dishonor”. Dziki Trener also stated that it is a misunderstanding to talk about adult children as if they were little toddlers who would not be able to fly economy class and cover the cost of the ticket.

The Wild Coach ridiculed Rodowicz's complaints

The Wild Coach also laughed at Maryla Rodowicz's complaints about the amount of her benefit. The singer revealed that she received a pension of about PLN 1,600. The savage reminded her that there are people who have lower benefits and are forced to cope. And they have no problem that they will not buy their children a ticket for a luxury vacation, but that they lack food or medicine.

He added that Maryla Rodowicz flew away a bit and completely lost touch with what life actually looks like ” ordinary “Pole & oacute; w. “I do not know if in your case it makes sense to go on a super luxurious vacation, since a palm tree of this size has already turned on the spot” – he said.

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