Earned by ordering your own pizza: as the owner of a restaurant in the United States, he studied the delivery service

Owner of a chain of pizzerias in the United States decided to outsmart the delivery service Doordash, which sold dishes from his restaurants without his consent, writes Inc.Russia.

Заработал, заказывая собственную пиццу: как владелец ресторана в США проучил службу доставки

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This story was told to each entrepreneur in his blog. The name of the restaurant chain remains unknown. Some time ago the owner of the pizzeria noticed that the hot line of the calls started coming in from customers — they were all unhappy with the delivery.

However, they never brought their meals and did not cooperate with the aggregators. Learning that the delivery of his pizza deals service Doordash, the businessman decided to see how their system works. It turned out that in the application the cost of his pizzas was too low.

For example, if the pizza at the restaurant was worth $24, then Doordash sold it for $16. The pricing service may be due to its scale — revenue Doordash for 2019 reaching $900 million May shipping from certain restaurants right service to increase customer loyalty. Either it was just a technical error.

However, the delivery of bypassing the negative impact on the image of pizza: for example, people complained that the dishes arrive cold. Rather than deal with Doordash, owner of restaurants and his buddies decided to teach service.

First, they ordered 10 pizzas via Doordash. Their plan was that if a service buys a pizza from the restaurant for $24, and the app sells for $16, that owner, order itself, will “earn” for $8 each pizza. And so it happened.

The entrepreneur made an order for $160 via Doordash and paid for it with my credit card. After some time in his pizza courier came, who bought pizza for $240, in the end, the restaurant was in the black. Like surgery friends performed several times.

In the end, the service has not calculated this scheme. Later it turned out that the pizza chain was in a test list Doordash, with the service validates the demand and decides what a cafe should operate. In this case, delivery occurs without the knowledge of restaurant owners.