‘Earthlings’: what the movie told Zelensky advertising terrorist in luck

Man, on the morning of July 21, took in hostages of passengers of a public bus in the Ukrainian Lutsk, demanded that officials, deputies and representatives of the Church recorded a video confession that they are “terrorists in the act”, and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky — a video message urging them to watch the film “Earthlings”, BBC reports.

'Земляне': что за фильм велел Зеленскому рекламировать террорист в Луцке

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On Tuesday evening, July 21, Zelensky met the requirement — wrote a message with the words “the Movie “Earthlings” in 2005, view all” and posted it on his Facebook. In less than an hour the interior Ministry of Ukraine reported the release of hostages and detention of the criminal, and the movie Zelensky disappeared from his page.

The invader was a 44-year-old citizen of Ukraine Maxim Compressor. He was twice convicted of fraud, robbery, extortion and illegal possession of weapons and held in prison for nearly 10 years. In recent years, according to friends, Compressor volunteering and protected animals.

What a film the offender is ordered to advertise the President of Ukraine?

What movie is that?

“Earthlings” — which appeared in the 2005 documentary film by American filmmaker and activist Shaun Monson on the problem of the exploitation of animals.

The authors tend to talk about different forms of domination of man over animals is their use as Pets and food, for the manufacture of clothing and cosmetics, entertainment and scientific experiments and encouraged to switch to veganism (I mean not only the diet, but the abandonment of any exploitation of animals).

In the beginning of the film explains its key term “speciesism” or “speciesism” (speciesism). This term introduced by philosopher Richard Ryder and Peter singer, means the infringement of the rights of one species to others based on the belief of their own superiority.

The film should be two hours. Most of the time is documentary footage, fixing cruelty to animals, including killing them. This is taken from kennels, animal shelters, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, places of manufacture and sale of leather and fur, research laboratories, as well as sport and entertainment events.

The film really has no synchronies — that is, fragments of direct interviews (for example, comments of experts), which are usually an integral part of documentaries. Instead, there is the narrator, a famous actor, ecoactivist and vegan with a 40-year veteran Joaquin Phoenix. His VoiceOver in a neutral manner says what is happening on the screen.

The official website dedicated to the film, a collection of quotes from watching his people, including celebrities.

“Earthlings” is the biggest gift I have ever received. I can’t believe how ignorant I was before” — quoted ACTICE Bryce Dallas Howard (the help, “the Mysterious forest”, “Black mirror”).

According to the American philosopher Tom Regan, known for his book “In defense of animal rights” (The Case for Animal Rights, 1983), “for those who watched “Earthlings”, the world will never be the same”.

And the philosopher Peter singer, author of “Liberation of animals” (Animal Liberation, 1975), said: “If I could make everyone in the world saw a movie, I would have chosen “Earthlings”.

'Земляне': что за фильм велел Зеленскому рекламировать террорист в Луцке

Photo: screenshot of the official website of the film nationearth.com

That film criticized

The film appears to be designed to produce in the viewer a powerful emotional effect, followed the occupation of a certain ethical position, and then transition to further active action to change the situation.

However, critics notice that this scheme, at first glance seemingly logical, may not work — and the emotional effect caused by the brutal shots that may not lead to the consequences, expected by the authors. For example, due to the fact that the viewer did not happen identification with the suffering animal.

As he noted in his article, the candidate of philosophical Sciences, associate Professor of the HSE Arseniy Khitrov, compassion when observing the suffering of another is not automatic, necessarily arising from the man’s reaction.

“Spectator identificireba with the suffering of others, or, in other words, it accepts the contract the movie, if allow is selected, including the default setting,” he writes.

Thus, according to Khitrov, the response to suffering and the subsequent occupation of the ethical and activist positions, the viewer can only come in if he knowingly agrees with that given in the film arguments.

In this regard, another complaint about the film is that he’s not answering any possible rational arguments that may arise from the audience focused on the resistance to emotional pressure.

In particular, in the film voiced the idea that all people would become vegetarians if I were forced to kill animals for food, and if slaughterhouses had transparent walls. Here the viewer could be raised about the existence of communities in which people kill animals for lack of shops or for other reasons, but the creators of the film, this aspect is ignored.

This lack of clarity, according to Khitrov, can prevent the viewer to move from emotional reaction immediately following the movie to engage in ethical positions and for further action.

The novel also draws attention to the fact that the filmmakers tend to ask other people the humane attitude to animals, but not inclined to require the humane treatment of animals to humans or animals to each other, because they do not consider them moral agents. This scientist sees signs of a hidden speciesism.

“The authors are not talking about the possibility of the existence of morality in animals, that is, recognize the right to talk about morality only for people. Thus, the assertion that the differences between animals and humans is not relevant, aimed to overcome speciesism, contains a hidden species discrimination,” he said.

A day after the release of the hostages on the official page of the film “Earthlings” in the Instagram released a statement about the terrorist incident in Lutsk:

“Project “Earthlings” does not approve of acts of terror, because the message of the film is the compassion for all beings. The content of the film is the ongoing global slaughter of billions of defenseless animals, which not only harms human health but also is a major cause of climate change. However, we do not create it, to awaken terror. Our hearts go out to all who suffered from this ordeal, and to their families and to the authorities who made it so that not one life was lost. Let us move on to non-violence towards all,” reads the message signed by the name of Shaun Monson, the Director of the movie.




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