“Eat burgers, stupid”: Ferguson wants a fight with Habib (photo)

«Ешь бургеры, болван»: Фергюсон хочет боя с Хабибом (фото)

American mixed martial arts fighter Tony Ferguson (25 wins, 3 losses) said he was willing to meet in the octagon with unbeaten Russian Habib Nurmagomedov (28 wins).

We already called Habib. I want to fight in December. We let Nurmagomedov eat his hamburgers with cheese and all the rest (Nurmagomedov said after the victory over Pore that primarily wants to eat a juicy steak and a Burger with double cheese. — Ed.). Enjoy, jerk, but not too tolstey. I’m going to hit you any more painful than “tiramisu Tuesdays”. I have something new for you guys. I’m excited. Whatever he said, he should take the fight. Protected or free zone. I can say all that I don’t want to fight me, you’re scared, finish his career. Say what you want. You earned your money. If not, then I want to fight. I’m tired of beating once a year — I don’t like to sit and watch others fight“, — transfers words of the American TV channel ESPN.

Note that Ferguson, who owned interim championship belt in 2017, his last fight took place June 8 in Chicago, winning by TKO in the second round of his compatriot Donald Serrone. This fight was voted the best fight of the night. As for Habib, the Russians continued their winning streak in the UFC, defended his belt full of world champion in fight with American Dustin Pore, which took place on 7 October in Abu Dhabi. At a press conference after the fight the head of UFC, Dana white said that Tony Ferguson is the next contender for the meeting with Habib.

It is noteworthy that the fighters meeting in the octagon could happen much sooner, but four (!) times were canceled. In 2015 and 2016, years in business have injuries as rivals in 2017 Habib was urgently hospitalized due to velogonki, and in 2018 already injured Ferguson.

«Ешь бургеры, болван»: Фергюсон хочет боя с Хабибом (фото)The match between Habib and Ferguson were cancelled four times already


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