Eat or not to eat: 5 benefits of fasting

Recently, a lot of questions and disputes on the subject of proper nutrition. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle argue that it is important to observe calorie intake, to food are not harmed. But there are those who think periodic fasting is useful. What are its pros telling in our material.

Есть или не есть: 5 плюсов голодания

To lose weight

Help in getting rid of excess weight — that’s one of the main advantages of fasting. This allows you to effectively burn the fat that much better diets. The main thing to observe intermittent fasting , and not to sit without food for weeks.

Improving sensitivity to insulin

Researchers have shown that through fasting, people are better able to absorb carbohydrates. The fact is that it improves sensitivity to insulin.

Accelerating the metabolism

If you make intermittent fasting, the digestive system gets a rest. This approach can significantly improve the metabolism, which is also well affect the process of weight loss.

The increase in life

How it would sound, but fasting promotes longevity. To evaluate such a methodology could have, people from different countries, where the practice of periodic starvation. The less a person eats, the less waste energy on the digestive system, and therefore longer lives.

Good for the brain

Brain activity due to intermittent fasting will be much better. It increases the production of a protein called neurotrophic factor to the brain. It contributes to the transformation of the new neurons stem cells, triggers different chemical substances necessary for health of nerves. In addition, this protein protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.