Ecuador: 12 dead after drinking adulterated alcohol

Ecuador: 12 dead after drinking adulterated alcohol


Poisoning due to the consumption of adulterated beverages has caused the death of 12 people since Tuesday in Ecuador, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday. 

A total of 52 people were poisoned following the ingestion of these drinks containing methyl alcohol, of industrial use, in the provinces of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (west) and Esmeraldas (north-west ), according to the latest official report.

Twenty participants in a funeral wake were thus poisoned in Santo Domingo.

The authorities seized more than 50,000 liters of alcohol during various operations in the context of this case.

“Irresponsible people have marketed illegal alcohol”, the Minister of Health, José Ruales.

In rural communities in Ecuador, the consumption of homemade alcohol is common.

In 2017, it had pro evoked the death of 25 people and in 2011 about fifty.