Ed Sheeran came to visit Prince Harry

Men called people to communicate with each other “not suffer alone”.

Эд Ширан пожаловал в гости к принцу Гарри

British singer ed Sheeran, who recently announced his retirement from music, and now came on a visit to Prince Harry.

In the video, which was posted on the official Instagram of the Dukes of Sussex and dedicated to the mental health Day, two red stars discussed among themselves the problems associated with depression and stress. And together urged people to help their friends to communicate “not suffer alone”.

Interestingly, yesterday Prince Harry has published this teaser video, which shows how he opens the door, Sheeran and notes that Dating a musician is like “looking in a mirror”. This is not surprising, as both are red, and video and still dressed in clothes of the same color.

However, interestingly, the house granted the musician, was not of the Dukes of Sussex and as the attentive user, is the home of Princess Eugenie.

The movie begins with the fact that Sheeran is preparing to meet with the Prince in the barbershop.

“I’m really worried. Prince Harry contacted me and said the idea of charity video, we’re going to shoot something. I have long admired them from afar!” — said the musician.

And already sitting at the table with ed and Harry explains the star of his idea.

“Thank you for coming. I think talking about it enough. And I think what in the world are really suffering. A musician with such experience as you will be able to write a song that helps to tell a wider circle of persons” — said Harry.

But Sheeran, in turn, said that just before trying to write a song on this subject, and adds a funny comment, which santici Prince.

“So tired of these jokes and caustic comments. I feel that it’s time to stand up and say: “We will not stand for it! We are redhead, and we will fight!”, the musician said.

But Harry after an awkward pause, said that meant the world mental health day, after which the musician stated that he was referring to. But later on the screen of his laptop you can see the inscription “Union red” around the world.