Ed Sheeran opened a bar in London and took up painting

British pop-singer and actor ed Sheeran not long ago reported about a year and a half break in his career, during which plans to break from performances and tours. However, a passive “doing nothing” the musician does not suffer, already opening his own bar in one of the districts of London and are seriously taking up painting.

Эд Ширан открыл бар в Лондоне и занялся живописью

On the page in Instagram ed Sheeran shares with followers achievements. Recently, the musician published a series of photos depicting the process of creating abstract paintings, with paintings of considerable size, and he Sheeran in the frame genuinely smiling, showing, it is likely that new activity had appealed to him. A little later, the musician announced the opening of a bar in London, co-owned by his friend. Ed Sheeran invited subscribers to visit the new establishment, promising to surprise not only for beer high quality, but also interesting dishes on the menu.

By the way, not so long ago, the performer admitted that in life only knows how to sing and write lyrics, so with the end of the tour sometimes felt their “uselessness”, but now have found a new way to show their talent and creative thinking.

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