Edgar Kaminsky openly talked about plastic surgery Fame

Plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky has two children from his marriage to a member of the group Neangely Glory Kaminskaya, who previously struck a dramatic transformation. Every day he cuts the noses and touches the Breasts of different women, wears expensive suits and has the largest in Ukraine collection of spirits.

Эдгар Каминский откровенно рассказал о пластических операциях Славы

Why not played in its time a big wedding and what one of the main reasons for the divorce with ex-wife, said in an exclusive interview on the channel “Ukraine”.

Before the wedding, with Glory, Edgar had a few novels. According to him, he was in a steady relationship, because he is a family man. Therefore, his novels have lasted 2-3 years. The man admits that almost never come up and introduce myself. Usually acquainted with him, because Edgar was a very modest person in that regard.

On the set of one of television projects of the Glory from the band Neangely came into the office Kaminsky on the patient. And that same night she took his number at the reception, he wrote. Three months later the Glory was pregnant. To the question why was not such a lavish wedding, as usual in the Ukrainian show business, Kaminsky said:

Corny, because it was our money, and we save money, we people are thinking. Took the money, mom, went, rest. Was already thinking about the new apartment at that time“, — shares with “Srcover the way” Edgar Kaminsky.

After the birth of her son Leon gave Glory to the beloved’s daughter Laura. A few Kaminsky became known as one of the most beautiful and the most exemplary in the Ukrainian show business.

“Like a dream, two grandmothers, three nannies, you can raise 5 children. I don’t even know what to complain about in this case. We may have different goals, views on individual events. Thank very jealous. Her character is radically different from mine, as I was raised, there were some moments for me, not to say that uncomfortable, but sometimes incomprehensible, I was not able to something to get used to. And in 2017, nothing was spontaneous, we all of this before. In 2017 I left and lived with the family, we discussed it and knew the Glory that will be there. And then we met in December, we talked. I’m still legally the issue of divorce is not closed, then filed. In 2018 was closed, so I was hoping that there will be changes. But there was consent. We tried to find a common language, but it is not found in relation to what happened this year. We talked about this in the winter, early spring, etc. That is not a spontaneous process is, in principle, everything was going, there was something there, “wow, how is it that you’re leaving” etc, “—says Edgar to the channel “Ukraine”.

One of the main reasons that led to divorce, was the jealousy of Fame.

No plates didn’t abandon me, but I have a very difficult profession, I operate on people, and I need to be focused and calm. That is, during operations should not think about what will be home by now, or before surgery I get a call and something is trying to say. This is a surgical profession, and it is necessary to appreciate and understand, and at some point I realized that this is difficult because, for example, the difficulties at home, and then another difficult operation. It is impossible to separate one from the other. If people live with each other, there must be trust, they are the most important, if it is not — it is not necessary to live together, “says Edgar.

According to plastic surgeon, except of jealousy the couple had differences on other issues.

She wanted something to change, large shape, for example, breast or nose to change, or lips. I was against this, and it is a taboo, I kept saying, “no.” We were fighting and could even not know, a few days, weeks, not to communicate on this subject“, says Kaminski.

After 5 years of married life, the marriage of Edgar and Glory Kaminski came to an end. Now they’re barely speaking. However, Glory does not limit the communication of their ex-spouse with common children. Today the plastic surgeon has a new romantic relationship and, according to him, the perfect woman in his mind has the following qualities:

This man knows his worth, value themselves, trust me, and she’s not jealous — more confidence, communicative and open, that is positive, “shared Edgar Kaminsky.