Edgar Kaminsky, reflect on marriage and the wedding

Former husband of the soloist of the duet “NEANGELY” Glory Edgar Kaminsky, who commented on the divorce with the actress, speculate about marriage and the wedding, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Эдгар Каминский поразмыслил о браке и свадьбе

With Instagram followers your plastic surgeon shared his thoughts about whether to celebrate the wedding and gave the example of his life. So, Kaminsky admitted why they with Glory were not married.

“I have to Thank was not married. We decided the money could go on the organization of the celebration, invest in a family vacation. Then we had a great time in Tenerife with my mom and mother-in-law,” — said Edgar.

He also noted that he would try to make his financial condition in the future, enabled him to organize a decent wedding for his children.

“As for the wedding, then my opinion is: if you have money in the family spend. Objectively if not, then better to reserve funds for the purchase of housing, cars, air conditioning or furniture in the new apartment. To celebrate the wedding in the last savings is not worth it,” said Kaminsky.