Education: 500 students in Quebec deprived of school transport

Éeducation: 500 Quebec students deprived of transport school


The shortage of bus drivers is causing headaches for many parents in Quebec. About 500 students at the première-Seigneuries service center were deprived of transportation on Tuesday.

Many parents have learned in the past few days that their child's school transportation has been interrupted “for an indefinite period”, due to a lack of drivers.

“Rest assured that the carrier concerned is actively seeking solutions to remedy the situation. We will notify you of the date of resumption of the transport service as soon as possible, ”we can read in a message sent Tuesday to parents of students at Trivent primary school, in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, and from the Courvilloise secondary school in Beauport.

A total of 467 students from this service center were deprived of yellow buses on Tuesday, in addition to the 47 other children with special needs who were not still have no sedan transport since the beginning of the year.

Not replaced

“The situation is changing from one day to the next” since the carriers are unable to replace the drivers who are absent, said the spokesperson for the service center, Sylvie Jacques.

” We are multiplying distribution channels to help our carriers recruit drivers,” she added.

Less serious elsewhere

The situation seems however, much less of a problem in the two other school service centers in Quebec City.

In the Capital, 70 students have been deprived of transportation since the start of the school year, while there are no reports of any break in service on the side of the Découvreurs .

On the South Shore, only one trip to an elementary school has had to be canceled since the start of the school year at the Navigateurs school service centre.

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