Edward Snowden said he was ‘trapped’, being in Russia (PHOTO)

Эдвард Сноуден заявил, что оказался 'в ловушке', оставшись в России (ФОТО)

Former CIA officer Edward Snowden, who betrayed the public methods of work of US intelligence and who had finally received asylum in Russia, said that appeared in Russia in the trap. In an interview Joe Rogan Experience published on YouTube, Snowden revealed details of the incident.

“I was on my way to Latin America when the U.S. government canceled my passport, so I was trapped,” he said. Edward Snowden said that for a long time criticized the Russian government, the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian laws on surveillance and eventually “trapped in a country that did not choose”.

“I criticized the President, I criticized the Russian law on surveillance. It doesn’t make my life easier in a country that I did not choose where I was trapped because I was originally going to Latin America, and the US government revoked my passport and I was trapped in Russia”, – said the former intelligence officer.

“It’s hard to be in opposition to the policy of the US government, just as the government of Russia. It is difficult, but necessary,” he said.

According to Snowden, Russian authorities can not extend him political asylum, which must be updated every three years. “The Russian authorities can set me up, but they could frame me, even if I didn’t say anything. So should I shut up and sit quietly in front of the face of things that I find unfair, because it’s safer?” – he asked.

“If I wanted to be safe, it would sit still in Hawaii and earn a lot of money, spying on you all… I’m not connected, I have no love for the Russian authorities. I didn’t choose to be here,” concluded Snowden.

Edward Snowden – a former NSA employee, who in June 2013 gave the Newspapers the Washington Post and The Guardian of the secret data which showed that US intelligence services tapped telephone conversations and monitor electronic correspondence of American citizens, the U.S. and world leaders.

Escaping from persecution by the US authorities, Snowden has sent requests for asylum to the authorities of several countries, including Russia. 1 Aug 2014 he has got a residence permit in Russia for three years, which was later extended by the same period. In the US, Snowden is charged with violating two articles of the espionage act. At each of these points he faces up to 10 years in prison. Representatives of the US administration repeatedly stated that they consider Snowden a traitor and not going to forgive him because he caused serious damage to the interests of national security.

On 17 September in several countries published a memoir Snowden “Permanent Record” in which he talks about his life and what made him download and to convey to journalists thousands of classified documents about the global system of electronic surveillance and espionage by the intelligence services of USA and their allies. From the book implies that he felt it was unfair and illegal blatant interference of the security services in the private lives of citizens, foreign governments and international organizations, covers the concern for the safety of the United States. Russian translation of the book called “a Private matter” comes out in November of this year in publishing house “Eksmo”.

According to “Kommersant”, the journalist who was acquainted with the original of the book, Snowden describes her everyday life in Hong Kong in anticipation of the arrival of reporters who collaborate on the first articles and a documentary film about the activities of U.S. intelligence. According to Edward Snowden, he hoped that the Hong Kong authorities will not hand him over to the States, but after the start of output of exposing articles he was given to understand that hope for asylum is not worth it. Then he and his local attorneys, as follows from the book, sent requests for asylum in 27 countries, including several European countries. Russia among them is not mentioned. But the guarantee of non-extradition to the U.S. he was given only Ecuador, where Edward Snowden and headed out June 23 on a flight through Moscow and Cuba.

“We landed at Sheremetyevo, and in theory I was supposed to take place in Russia for 24 hours. But it will soon be six years,” writes Edward Snowden. He says that at the Moscow airport that day they “engaged too long”, and then he was approached by two officers of the security service in the form, stating that he “had problems with a passport.” Describing the arrival in Moscow, Edward Snowden for the first time reports that it tried to recruit representatives of the Russian special services. Earlier, supporters of Edward Snowden from Wikileaks claimed that the attempts of his recruitment by the Russian special services were not.

Meanwhile, the book is missing an important episode, according to which, before departure to Moscow Snowden visited Russian Consulate in Hong Kong and asked for help. Later Snowden through his Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena declared that they had not visited any diplomatic missions of Russia, but his visit to the Consulate, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Mr. Snowden first appeared in Hong Kong, met with our diplomatic representatives. I was told that there was such a man, intelligence officer,” said the President, adding that Snowden can stay in Russia, but must “cease all activities that could damage Russian-American relations”. Agree on this part, according to the President, failed, but in the end, Snowden is still “stuck in Moscow,” because Americans are “scared” of the country through which it must be to fly further and revoked his passport. Note that before the release of the memoirs of Edward Snowden gave several interviews to Western media, saying that “fundamentally do not want to communicate” with the Russian media.