Edyta Wojtczak is struggling with a serious problem. What is it about

Surprising news circulated in the media about the financial situation of one of the legends of Polish Television.

Edyta Wojtczak is struggling with a serious problem. What's going on

At the peak of her television career, Edyta Wojtczak was one of the most popular TV announcers and hostesses.

and was appreciated by Irena Dziedzic herself

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In front of Edyta's cameras Wojtczak found her way thanks to her participation in the competition “Beautiful girls on screens”, which was organized by “Przekr & oacute; j”. Irena Dziedzic, already known and experienced journalist and announcer, chose the beautiful Edyta while looking for her worthy successor.

Now Edyta Wojtczak is an elderly woman in her 80s and is struggling with financial difficulties that are beyond the minds of many people who think that retired celebrities bask in luxury.

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As we remember, during the pandemic confinement of people at home, many artists loudly complained about their financial situation due to the ban on performing in front of the public.

We were able to find out how low pensions artists are having, how actors, musicians or painters.

Many of them complained a lot, while, for example, Krzysztof Krawczyk admitted that savings made during his life and paid contributions ensured him a peaceful old age, therefore he did not understand the complaints of his friends and colleagues from the artistic world.

The world of show business turned upside down at the time, because the rulers first promised horrendous amounts in support of artists, and when the scandal broke out, the government withdrew from it. As it turns out, journalists who are already retired are also struggling with low pensions for famous people.

According to the media, in 2017 Edyta Wojtczak gave an interview in which she admitted that she was awarded PLN 2,000. pensions per month. Currently, this amount has not increased much and after forty years of working in the media is slightly less than the average pension.