Effective ways to get rid of bags under eyes

This is a common problem.

If with dark circles in a jiffy to cope dense concealer, the bags are a real problem. As the case is in volume, not to cover.

Эффективные способы избавиться от мешков под глазами

To get rid of completely in 15-20 minutes, alas, will not work, but to reduce and make the look more refreshed by using several means, which are in every house – potatoes, cucumbers, tea bags… but what really works.

Sometimes bags is the genetic structure of a person, sometimes the consequences of a sleepless night and my mother’s “salt tomatoes”. Whatever it is, you have 15-20 minutes to reduce a little.
A cold slice of cucumber

15 minutes with cucumbers on the eyes will definitely make the look more fresh and your skin hydrated, but the amount of bags is unlikely to greatly decrease.
Cold slices of raw potato

Adherents of this method claim that the potatoes have enzymes that have a decongestant effect, but chill a little refresh. In fact this is the most inefficient method because of the starch on the eyelids of an unpleasant film, and many irritation.
Gel with aloe

Al – excellent moisturizing and healing agent, it is unnecessary, although the swelling takes a “C grade”. It is best to use the juice from the aloe leaf, if such plants are not, the pharmacy tool.
Egg white

Pulls well, does not irritate the thin skin around the eyes and best of all reduces the volume of bags.

Tea bags

Also a good option due to the caffeine increases the circulation of blood, and the bags getting smaller.