Efficiency popular way of recovery questioned

German researchers found that older people that reduce the level of carbohydrates consumed, does not contribute thereby to improve their health, and certainly not extend your life. Positive effects from restricting carbohydrates noticeable only with healthy fasting in his youth. This is stated in the material that was published in MedicalXpress.

Эффективность популярного способа оздоровления поставлена под сомнение

The Institute of biology of ageing, max Planck Society held a experience, which were put on a diet with low carbohydrates laboratory mice. Scientists, in particular, divided the rodents into two groups by age, and then gave them less food. It turned out that the mice that immediately after puberty gave about forty percent less food showed better health when they live to old age.

“Food of mice that sat on a strict diet contained vitamin and mineral supplements, with which we tried to compensate for possible negative effects from malnutrition. In General, experience shows that healthy fasting can only help if you use this tool from a young age. Older people makes no sense to sit on such a diet”, say the researchers.

To healthy fasting is actually operated, it is necessary to adhere to certain restrictions from a young age and the rest of your life. This will be an unpleasant surprise for lovers of junk food, are confident that they can always rectify the situation with starvation.