Eh ? Émilie Bordeleau didn't think like us?

Huh? Émilie Bordeleau didn't think like us?


So, if we are to believe some, historical series like Les Filles de Caleb< should be included at the very beginning strong>, a note saying that this series “contains historical cultural representations that do not reflect current values”.


Are we there?

People are so stupid and so uneducated that they have to be reminded that in 1890, men and women did not live like today?

That they didn't have the same view of the world?


These warnings will have to be included in all films produced before 2020, the date of the Great Woke Revolution which FINALLY opened the eyes of all the citizens of the world, raised our level of consciousness and announced the beginning of a new era, during of which men, plants and animals of all races and all species will live until the end of time in the most perfect harmony?

In all the books?

Before all the old TV shows?

At the start of every performance of a Shakespeare play? Of Moliere? From Racine?

Have we become so silly?

We're going to have to explain to the people present in the room that if Juliette couldn't warn Romeo that she wasn't going to commit suicide for real, but that she was just going to pretend, it's because he didn't there were no cell phones in 1303?

Why not warnings before every superhero movie, so what?

Huh? Émilie Bordeleau didn't think like us?

Huh? Émilie Bordeleau didn't think like us?

“We want to warn you that wearing a Spandex cape and tights does not allow you to fly. Don't try this at home. This is a work of fiction. »

« We remind you that contrary to what you can see in this episode of The Flying Sister, wearing a cornette on windy days will not allow you to escape gravity.

“We remind you that contrary to what this Superman adventure suggests, it is not enough to wear glasses with big frames to fool everyone about your identity. »


If people are that dumb, if they can't figure it out for themselves that in the days of Joe Dassin you could say “Indian summer” without the Mohawk community as a whole feeling insulted and block a bridge, well, let's go all the way!!!

Let's not just put warnings before playoffs!

Let's put them everywhere!< /p>

Warning people not to put their head in their microwave oven when it's on!

Writing on Coke bottles that while it's tempting, we must not insert this object into one of our bodily orifices!

Let's write on the mattresses that we must sleep ON the mattress, and not UNDER it!

Let's take people by the hand as if they were two years of mental age!

Let's always think of the most stupid of the stupid people every time we speak or write a text!

Because who knows ? We could be misunderstood by cannibals when we say: “I love you so much I would eat you”!

Huh? Émilie Bordeleau didn't think like us?