Election 2020: trump secured his nomination, Biden again defeated Sanders

The incumbent received in the asset the majority of delegates to the upcoming party Congress of Republicans, says the “Voice of America”. Meanwhile, Joe Biden defeated Bernie Sanders in a democratic primary in three States.

Выборы 2020: Трамп обеспечил свое выдвижение, Байден снова разгромил Сандерса

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Donald trump has secured the nomination of the official candidate from the Republican party, having received the necessary number of delegates to the party Congress.

Trump, who faced only nominal opposition within the party after winning the primaries in Florida and Illinois on Tuesday received more than 1276 delegates needed for the nomination.

A count of delegates was conducted by the Agency Associated Press.

Thus, trump has become the undisputed candidate of the Republicans, while the Democrats continue a tense series of primaries involving former us Vice-President Joe Biden and the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

Biden defeated his main rival Sanders in the Democratic primary in Florida and is confident ahead of him in Illinois and Arizona. This will strengthen its status as the most likely opponent of trump’s presidential elections in USA in November, BBC reports.

Florida already counted most of the ballots, and former Vice-President ahead of his radical left opponent with 62% of the vote against 23%.

March 17 primaries were also held in Illinois and Arizona. In Illinois, Biden also has a strong lead with 59% of the vote; in Arizona the channels of si-EN-EN and EN-bi-si also predict a victory for Biden.

Polls showed that voters Democrats in Florida are more valued in candidates the ability to defeat trump in November, rather than ideological purity or a closeness to their own political views and preferences. Three-quarters of Florida Democrats believe that Biden’s chances of winning are higher. Only 20% believe preferable the chances of Sanders.

In the first three States — Iowa, new Hampshire and Nevada — Biden acted poorly. But then he convincingly won the primaries in South Carolina, demonstrating his popularity among African-American voters and thereby convincing other moderate candidates withdraw their candidacies in his favor.

This was followed by his success in most of the States that conducted primaries in “super Tuesday” on March 3, after which he is considered the favorite. To date he has won 16 of the 21 States, which held primaries or the Caucus.

In the Democratic party, the candidates should obtain the 1991 delegates to win the nomination. According to the March 18, Joe Biden is already 1147 delegate, and his rival Bernie Sanders — 861 delegate.

Biden is especially popular among elderly voters, who regularly vote in elections. Sanders claimed that it is able to expand the electorate of the Democratic party at the expense of young people, among whom he actually has a lot of fans. However, young Americans often ignore the elections and current primaries calculation Sanders also did not materialize.

In Florida, many Democrats found Sanders is too far left. He actually repeatedly said that the dictatorial Communist regimes, including the Soviet Union and Cuba, was a positive side. In Florida, where a lot of immigrants from Cuba, this view is not popular.

March 17, also had to go through primaries in Ohio is not just the largest state, but demographically very heterogeneous, resulting in him have a chance to win both Democrats and Republicans. However, due to the outbreak of coronavirus primaries in the state was postponed.



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