Election night launched, the polls are closed

Election night has started, the polls are closed


At 8 p.m. across Quebec, polling stations close, signaling a last opportunity for citizens to go to the polls. 

The five leaders of the major political parties will soon be rallying together with their supporters, friends and family and of course, the reporters covering the events on the ground. 

Until the last moment, polls suggested that the leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), François Legault, is on the verge of reaching a second majority for another 4-year term. 

Legault's party is fighting against four other parties, for the first time, for its seats in the National Assembly.  

Several three-party struggles are taking shape for election night, in different regions of Quebec. Voter turnout promises to be crucial for these constituencies. 

Turnout stood at 44.63% as of 5:30 p.m. Monday, still a far cry from the final percentage of the 2018 general election, which was 66.45%. 

Nearly one and a half million voters, around 24%, have already participated in advance. 

Polling stations are open from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

All those who are in line before 8 p.m. will be able to vote, even if there are delays, according to Élections Québec.