Election promises: lowering taxes is a “very bad idea”, according to the president of the FTQ

Election promises: lowering taxes is a

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The tax cuts promised by the CAQ and the Liberal Party (PLQ) are a “very bad idea” and would result in underfunding of health and education, believes the Fédération des workers of Quebec (FTQ).

“We have been calling for a long time to pay less money into the Generations Fund, but not to lower taxes, but to improve our public services,” says Daniel Boyer, president of the most major trade union center in Quebec. 

Over the past few days, the CAQ, which enjoys a large lead in the polls, has promised a 1% drop in the first two tax brackets as well as checks to help Quebec households. 

Targeted measures instead

But for the FTQ, the next government should instead put in place “permanent and targeted” measures. 

“If we want to help the middle class and the poorest in society, we can increase the minimum wage, have better control of the cost of rents, improve government benefits,” says Mr. Boyer.

The latter believes that the intentions of the CAQ ring false at a time when more money is being demanded from the federal government. “We are demanding an increase in federal health transfers, and at the same time, we are reducing taxes. Don't cut taxes and you'll have more money for health and education,” says Mr. Boyer. 

He also notes a form of the increasingly important presence of the leader of the PCQ, Éric Duhaime. 

“Yes, that means total freedom! I will pay less tax! Yes, you are going to have more money in your pockets, but when you arrive for treatment or to educate your children, you will have less services”, he believes. 

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